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Restarting business processes

If a business process has been rejected, you must restart it before you can make corrections to the form. When you restart a business process, its form is unlocked so that you can make the changes noted by the reviewer.

You can only restart rejected business processes that have business process forms.

To restart a business process:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts workspace to restart a business process for an entity.
  2. Select the entity for which you want to restart a business process.
  3. Click the Business Processes tab.
  4. Select the record for the business process that you want to restart in the data table and click Restart Process 

    The outcome for the business process is cleared and the status is set to Restarted.

The business process is restarted and its form is unlocked.

Review the business process to read the reviewer's rejection notes and make the desired changes to the form.

Reviewing business processes

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