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Configuring opportunity coverage

You can configure opportunity coverage on the Customize workspace to indicate which users are responsible for an opportunity. You will create opportunity coverage groups that are user groups. After you create coverage groups, users can assign coverage of an opportunity to the group on the Opportunities workspace.

To configure opportunity coverage, select the Coverage Groups subtab in the Opportunity Management tab on the Customize workspace. The data table displays the coverage groups that have been added to NexJ CRM.

Adding opportunity coverage groups

Before you create coverage groups, you can search for specific coverage groups by entering a full or partial name in the text search field in the Coverage Groups subtab. For information about searching, see Searching and filtering in NexJ CRM.

To change which columns display in the data table, click Select Columns

the data table toolbar. For more information, see Displaying and viewing data table columns.

To add an opportunity coverage group and make the group available for users in the Opportunities workspace, in the Coverage Groups subtab click the Add Coverage Group button

. Add the required information to the following tabs in the Add Coverage Group dialog:

TabField nameDescriptionRequired field

View security for the group. Select Public to make the group visible to all users, or select a user or group to restrict visibility to that user or group.

You cannot modify view security levels for the coverage group after it has been created. If you want to restrict view access to this coverage group, you must set it now as the default view setting is Public.

Coverage Group MembersNot applicable

Click the Select button

and select the required users.

After you select the required users, you must click the More Actions button

, select Edit, and select a coverage role for each user. For example, select Advisor or Relationship Manager.

Coverage group members always have view and edit access to the opportunities that they cover.

Not applicable

Editing opportunity coverage groups

You can change the name of an opportunity coverage group, add or remove coverage group members, and reassign coverage roles for coverage group members.

Changes that you make to a coverage group name are reflected in any opportunities to which the coverage group is assigned. Changes to group members or group member roles are not.

To edit an opportunity coverage group, select it in the data table, click the Edit button

, and make the required changes to the fields in the Opportunity Coverage Groups dialog. In the Coverage Group Members tab, edit or delete users from the More Actions
menu or click the Select button to add new users.

Deleting opportunity coverage groups

Delete an opportunity coverage group that you no longer require by selecting it in the data table and clicking the Delete button


If you delete a coverage group that is currently assigned to an opportunity, the group is deleted from the opportunity. Individual group members remain assigned to the opportunity and no longer belong to the coverage group.

When the coverage group is deleted, it is also removed from any opportunities to which it is assigned on the Opportunities workspace.

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