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Activities, tasks, and schedule items

This section describes how to use NexJ CRM to create and manage the following:

An activity is a record of communication with a client. This includes schedule items, tasks, documents, emails, and call records. Activities are also known as interactions. Activities can be single events, such as a schedule item reminding you to call a client, or they can be recurring events, such as a weekly status meeting. For more information, see Activities.

Activity plans
An activity plan is a predefined sequence of activities that can be created for a client, rather than creating each of the activities individually. When you add an activity plan to a client's record, you create a set of activities for the client. For more information, see Adding activity plans.

A task is a type of activity, assigned to one or more users, that does not need to occur at a defined time. For more information, see Tasks.

Schedule items
 A schedule item is a type of activity that has defined start and end times, such as a meeting or phone call. For more information, see Schedule items.

Call records
A call record is an internal record documenting an interaction with a contact. It can summarize a face-to-face conversation, a telephone call, or a meeting. For more information, see Working with call records.

In addition to tasks, schedule items, and call records, the following are considered activities in NexJ CRM:

  • documents, including notes
  • emails

Documents and emails can be created for an individual contact or for multiple contacts at once, by using a batch process.

For more information, see Adding notesAdding a document to an entity's record, Batch operations, and Managing documents.

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