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Configuring merge fields

A merge field is an object that references a specific piece of information, such as a contact's first name. It is used in Microsoft Word and NexJ CRM to personalize documents and emails for several contacts at once. For example, if you want to send a letter to several contacts or leads that includes each of their addresses, a merge field can automatically populate the addresses from the database. A token name is used as a placeholder to represent the code expression in the document, signifying the location and content of the information that will be populated.

A merge field references a data class or attribute and pulls that information into the token name's place. This allows you to standardize documents and to quickly and easily personalize them for mailing or emailing. Merge fields can be used in combination with NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office to create letters and forms in Microsoft Word.

The Merge Fields tab in the Document Codes page of NexJ Admin Console allows you to manage and access information related to merge fields.

To make use of the information in this section, knowledge of the NexJ Business Model is required to understand how NexJ classes and attributes are used to create merge fields.

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