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Filtering integration logs

You can filter the list of system integration logs in NexJ System Admin Console to only display logs that contain specified criteria.

To filter system integration logs:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Integration Log page.
  2. You can use the following criteria:
    • User ID
      Select the ID for the user sending or receiving the request. If no user is associated with the request, then the ID for the nexjsa is used.

    • Channel
      Enter the name of the channel associated with the request.

    • Any Severity
      Select the logging level associated with a log.

    • Time Range fields
      Select a start date and time and end date and time to filter the logs by creation dates and times.

  3. Click the Set Filter button 
    The applicable system integration logs display in the list of log files.
  4. Select the required log file to display the details for the log.

You have found the required system integration log file.

To view all log files again, click the Clear Filter


Next, interpret the detail information for the selected log file.

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