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Requirements and support information

Software and hardware mentioned below may have their own additional requirements.

NexJ client requirements

The following topics provide the hardware and software requirements for accessing NexJ CRM from various client devices.

NexJ CRM end user system requirements (desktop)

To run a NexJ application client such as NexJ CRM, the end user's computer must meet the following requirements.

Minimum required workstation specifications

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz


Operating System
Windows 10

Resolution Display
1280 x 1024

Additional software requirements

The following additional software is required in order to make use of specific supplementary functions and features:

  • A PDF viewer application, such as Adobe Reader, to view PDF documents and to generate attachment previews.
  • Microsoft Office to view Microsoft supported documents.
  • Microsoft Outlook desktop version to use NexJ Outlook Add-In feature included with NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft Word desktop version to generate and edit documents for use with the NexJ Mail Merge feature included with NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office.

Recommended workstation specifications

Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7

6 GB RAM or higher

Operating system
Windows 10

Resolution display

  • 1920 x 1080 (desktop)
  • 1600 x 900 (laptop)

For optimal NexJ CRM performance and appearance, use the following recommended configuration:

  • Set Windows display resolution to 96 DPI (100%)
  • Set your browser zoom level to 100%

Other display configurations may not be supported.


  • Google Chrome (109.0.5414.120)

  • Microsoft Edge (109.0.1518.78)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

    Internet Explorer 11 is supported only for existing on-premise installations, and not for Cloud-deployed environments.

    When you are using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, NexJ recommends that you enable the Basic spell checking assistance setting. You can find these settings in the Languages settings under "Use writing assistance" in Microsoft Edge or "Spell check" in Google Chrome.

    NexJ cannot control where the browser sends text, and is not responsible for this action. The same action applies for any mobile phone applications that may be monitoring the clipboard, keyboard, or text.

To access the classic UI, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

NexJ CRM end user system requirements (mobile)

NexJ CRM supports the following mobile configurations.

Tested smartphone specifications

  • Apple iPhones running Apple iOS. The following iOS versions are supported:
    • iOS 12.X
    • iOS 13.X
    • iOS 14.X
    • iOS 15.X


  • Apple Safari - supported only on iOS devices

End of support information

The following hardware, software and product functionality is no longer supported for use.

Deprecated features

As of version 22.09, Highcharts library is no longer supported if you are accessing NexJ CRM using the classic interface. If you are accessing NexJ CRM with the default interface included with version 9.4 and all subsequent versions, the Highcharts library continues to be supported.

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