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Setting up Data Bridge

This topic describes how to set up Data Bridge.

Enabling the Data Bridge Adapter

When the Data Bridge Adapter is initially deployed on NexJ CRM, it is not enabled. You must enable it by navigating to the Statistics page in NexJ CRM System Admin Console, selecting > Administration > DataBridgeAdapter > Replication and changing the Data Bridge Adapter Enabled value to Y, as shown in the following screenshot:

Statistics page in NexJ CRM System Admin Console

You can disable the Data Bridge Adapter by changing the Data Bridge Adapter Enabled value back to N. When this flag is set to N:

  • The Data Bridge Adapter does not send or queue up change notifications for Data Bridge.
  • Publishing of view snapshots (reading data from NexJ CRM) in Data Bridge will complete with errors, and the specific errors will display in the Snapshot subtab in the History tab for the view for further investigation.
  • Exporting CRM metadata in Data Bridge and the JSON exporter tool provided with the NexJ CRM Data Bridge Adapter at <crm-url>/ui/bridge-admin is disabled.
  • The Preview tab on the View Details page in Data Bridge does not show sample messages or records (instead it shows a warning message).
  • On the Global Settings workspace in Data Bridge, the Remote CRM Connection Status value is "Inactive."
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