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Adding communication types

You can add new communication types to use in NexJ CRM.

To add a new communication type:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. In the Communication Types tab, click the Add button 
    The Add Communication Type dialog opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the communication type that you want displayed in NexJ CRM.
  4. In the Description field, enter an internal description of the communication type.
  5. In the Icon field, select an icon to represent the communication type in NexJ CRM.
  6. In the Class field, select a class, which tells the system what kind of information can be entered for this communication type.

    NexJ CRM has two functions available for communication information: Send Email and Go To Web Site, which will only be enabled for the EmailAddress and URL classes, respectively.

  7. In the Default to field fieldselect a default communication type to assign this communication type to.
  8. Enable the End User Read Only checkbox to prevent this communication type from being accessible in NexJ CRM.

    With this enabled, the only way that this communication type can be added to or removed from a profile is by modifying the database directly.

  9. Enable the Unique checkbox to specify that a contact may only have a single instance of this communication type in their profile.
  10. In the Reference Name field, enter a reference name for the communication type.
  11. In the Entity Types tab, select entity types for which this communication type will be available. Selecting the Pre-Populate checkbox will make the communication type an available field in the Add Contact dialog for a new contact of that type.
  12. Click OKThe Add Communication Type dialog closes.

The communication type is added and is displayed as specified in NexJ CRM.

Available communication type properties

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