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Adding entity types

You can add new entity types and specify details, communication and address types, categories, and custom fields for the entity type. You can also enable or disable certain portlets for the entity type. 

To add a new entity type:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. In the Entity Types tab, click the Add button 

    , and select a base entity type.

    The base entity type cannot be changed after the entity type is created.

    The Add Entity Type dialog opens.

  3. In the Detail tab, provide a name and other display settings for the entity type. You can also define the locations in which users can add contacts from the entity type in NexJ CRM.
  4. In the Communication Types tab, select available and default communication types for the entity type.
  5. In the Address Types tab, select available and default address types for the entity type.
  6. In the Categories tab, select default category groups and categories for the entity type.
  7. In the Custom Field Types tab, select default custom field types and groups for the entity type.
  8. Click OKThe Add Entity Type dialog closes.
  9. In the Customize Portlets tab, enable or disable portlets for the entity type.
  10. Click the Save button 

The new entity type is added to the Entity Types list and is available in NexJ CRM depending on the properties set for the entity type.

Modifying entity types

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