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Currency formatting

The currency name or symbol is displayed before the amount.


The dollar symbol appears before the amount, without a space in between. For example, $5.00.

For other currencies that also use the dollar, where there is potential confusion, use the code and the dollar symbol. For example, CAD$6.57 and US$5.00.

Other currencies

For currencies that are abbreviated with one or more letters, separate the currency from the amount by a space. For example, AED 5.00.

For currencies that are abbreviated with a symbol, place the symbol before the amount, For example, ¥5.00.

Large amounts

For millions, you can use the abbreviation M and up to two decimal points, as required. For example, $1.25M. There is no space between the number and the abbreviation letter.

Do not use the B abbreviation for billions. Represent the value in millions instead. For example, $1756.95M or $21,756.95M.

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