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Editing system defined queries

You can edit system defined queries.

To edit a system defined query:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Filters page.
  2. In the Predefined Filters tab, select a system defined query.
  3. To modify filter details:
    1. In the Detail area, click the Edit button 
      The Edit Predefined Filter dialog opens.
    2. Change filter details as necessary. For example, modify the filter name and description or filter search expression value. Unless you have a good reason for doing so, do not change the reference name. Click OKThe Edit Predefined Filter dialog closes.
  4. To modify who has access to the filter in NexJ CRM:
    1. In the Privilege Groups area, click the Select button 
      The Select Privilege Group dialog opens.
    2. Add or remove privilege groups from the list. Click OKThe Select Privilege Group dialog closes.

The system defined query has been updated and changes are reflected for users in NexJ CRM.

Managing access to queries
Entering query expressions

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