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New features delivered in 23.11

The following features and enhancements were included as part of 23.11.

Searching for records across the entire application

Prior to this release, you were only able to search for a specific type of record on the associated workspace. Starting with this release, you can now run a free text search across the entire application to find entities and activities (CRM-184). Click the Search button

on the application bar to open the Search workspace. In the Search field, enter the search keywords and press Enter. All matching items are displayed below. You can use the filter buttons to view only Contacts (including contacts, companies, and users) or only Activities (including tasks, schedule items, documents, notes, and emails). You can also use the Filter options button
in the Search field to limit the record displayed based on either the last modified date or other dates associated with the record. By default, these dates for activities are start and end dates, and for entities this is the birth date. 

To see summary information about a record without opening the detail view, click the record to open the Preview sidebar, containing the record preview. To see the full record, click the View Details button where it is available.

The number of results for each category is included in the category label (AFL-6823). 

A new batch job has been added to the Admin Console to facilitate the initial load of the search server (CRM-1155). It may also be used for ad hoc loads caused by an exception condition or a configuration change. If the Global Search feature is enabled in your environment, the new  GlobalSearchSyncBatchJob can be found in the Batch Broker on the Admin Console.

Users must be assigned the AFLShowGlobalSearch privilege to be able to see the Search icon and open the Search workspace (CRM-6825).

For version 23.11, this feature is only supported in Cloud-deployed environments.

Ad hoc reporting enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to ad hoc reporting and dashboard functionality.

New summary grouping option

For reporting visualizations where values are grouped and displayed bar charts, you can now select how many groups should be displayed individually and which groups can be displayed as a single common value (CRM-939). When editing a report on the Visualization tab, select the new Limit the number of displayed groups field and complete the other fields that appear. The following fields based on the grouping selected for the visualization:

  • Distinct groups
    The number of specific named groupings that should be included in the chart. For example, if the data is grouped by activity status you specify 3, only the activities with the most popular three statuses will be displayed individually, and the rest will be displayed in one common group. 
  • Order
    Indicates which specific named groupings should be included. For example, if the data is grouped by number of activity status, you can choose whether to display the activities with the most common statuses or the least common statuses separately.
  • Label for other groups
    By default, the groups which are not labeled and displayed individually are labeled "Other". Use this field to specify a different label for this grouping.

Additional reporting enhancements

If the value for a report field is very long and the report is exported to CSV format, the value is truncated to ensure it does not exceed the maximum allowed length for the application that will be used to open the exported report, such as Microsoft Excel (CRM-208). This value is set to 32758 by default and can be modified using NexJ System Admin Console. To edit the value, open the Statistics page, navigate to > Administration > Reporting > Export, and edit the Max field length value.

When you open a report that hasn't been updated since it was last edited then the report is immediately updated so that the Summary and Visualization tabs display the latest information (CRM-1269).

When you open a dashboard containing reports that haven't been updated since they were last edited then the report is immediately updated. After the update is finished, the dashboards will display the latest information (CRM-816).

In the Configure Filters dialog, if you click Cancel then a confirmation message will be displayed, to avoid accidentally losing any intended edits (CRM-525).

Tasks workspace enhancements

You can now quickly create a new task from the Tasks workspace by entering a description of the task into the quick task text field above the data table (CRM 1008).  The description is included in the Description field and may be truncated to fit into the field. The complete text of the description is included in the Notes field. After a task is created using the quick task field, it can be treated as any other task. It can be edited, deleted, marked as complete, emailed, or have a call record created for it.

Lead management enhancements

Integrated Leads Management enhancement

When using the predefined Leads filter on the Contacts workspace, you can now display the lead's household name (CRM-1210). You can select the Household column by using the Select column command in the More Actions menu.

Classic Leads feature enhancement

When a lead's status is changed on the Leads workspace, the associated contact's status changes automatically (CRM-980). When a lead's status changes to Qualified, the associated contact's status changes to Prospect. When a lead's status changes to Archived, the associated contact's status changes to Other.

Security enhancements

This release includes the following security enhancements:

  • The date.olson.db.js module has been upgraded to 2023c (released March 28, 2023) (CRM-141)
  • The AntiSamy library has been upgraded to 1.7.3 (released April 12, 2023) (CRM-853)

  • The googlei18n/libphonenumber library has been upgraded to v8.13.20 (released on September 6, 2023) (CRM-858)
  • The yGuard obfuscator has been upgraded to 4.0.0 (released November 4, 2022) (CRM-215)

Automation enhancements

This release includes the following automation enhancements:

  • Selenium has been upgraded to version 4.13.0 (released September 25, 2023) (CRM-1060)

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