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Adding merge fields

You can add custom merge fields to provide either a broader or a more specific range of personalized documents in NexJ CRM.

To add a new merge field:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.
  2. In the Merge Fields tab, click the Add button 
    The Add Merge Field dialog opens.
  3. Complete the fields as appropriate:

    • Token Name
      Specifies the placeholder name for the merge field. This should be a meaningful indication of what information will be populated.

    • Description
      Provides a brief description of the merge field's intended content.

    • Category
      Specifies the subject area that the merge field is applicable to.

    • Expression
      Provides a calculated code value that defines the merge field and determines what data is populated from the database.

    • Custom Token
      Maps a third-party mailer template token to a NexJ CRM merge field for batch printing.

      The Custom Token field is only available if you have enabled the Birthday Mailer feature.

  4. Click OKThe Add Merge Field dialog closes.

Your merge field is added and available to use in personalized documents.

Enabling application features
Support for third-party mailer template tokens

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