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Business model fundamentals

This learning module provides an introduction to the NexJ Studio platform's business modelling capabilities. It includes hands-on development with classes, associations, and application behaviors in NexJ Studio.

As you progress through the learning activities, please note that a published model has been included in the training package and was placed in C:\nexj_studio\13.0-training\training\out\publish while Setting up for training.

You will explore common development and test practices covering the following topics:

  • Creating and updating models
  • Persisting those models to databases
  • Introducing workflows to the model
  • Creating and running unit tests

You will gain exposure to model description language elements and concepts including:

  • Classes and class attributes
  • Calculated attributes and attribute validation
  • Data persistence
  • Data manipulation through class events and workflows

The course is intended for developers, and support and maintenance resources. The course is also suitable for architects and technical business analysts who will be participating in the design of system extensions and new components.

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