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Configuring rules and rule sets

The Rules Editor page allows you to view the rule sets and individual rules that are used by the NexJ software in order to carry out the various tasks and features.

Each rule is a piece of code written in the computer language Scheme that can be executed if a certain condition (also written in Scheme) is fulfilled. A rule set is a collection of rules, which together perform a specific task, such as assigning the next target date in an activity tracking system. In the Rules Editor page, you can view and change these rules, as well as create entirely new rule sets.

To use this page effectively, knowledge of the computer programming language Scheme is required.

The Rules Editor page is divided into the following sections:

  • The Rule Sets list on the left, which displays a list of all of the existing rule sets.
  • The Rules list on the top right, which displays an ordered list of all of the rules for a selected rule set.
  • The rule code area on the bottom right, which displays the condition and actions for a selected rule.
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