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Configuring time zones

You can set a time zone for notifications and Service Level Management. The time zone also determines when timebased actions will be executed and when touches will be rolled over to the next reporting period.

To configure a time zone for notifications and Service Level Management:

  1. In NexJ Studio, navigate to the Deployment layer.
  2. In the Environments tab, open the environment file for your NexJ application.
  3. In the Source tab, locate the organizationTimeZone attribute, and change the attribute value to the time zone that you want to use. Specify the value as follows:
    where <timeZoneValue> is one of the possible values from the STIMEZONEENUM enumeration.


    If the <timeZoneValue> contains a forward slash (/), it will need to be replaced with the word slash. For example, America/New_York should be specified as AmericaslashNew_York.

  4. Click Save
    in the toolbar to save the changes to the environment.

NexJ CRM users will be able to select the time zone when selecting reporting periods for SLM Touches reports and their Service Level Management dashboard.

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