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Creating portlets

Portlets are self-contained user interfaces that display information or collect data in NexJ CRM workspaces.

There are two ways to create portlets:

  1. Using NexJ Studio.
  2. Using other scripting languages.

Portlets built using NexJ Studio are referred to as first-party portlets. These are developed using NexJ technology and benefit the ability to automatically fire and receive system events, access a diverse library of Scheme APIs, and use portal communication buses without additional portal API integration.

Third-party portlets are created using other scripting languages. They can be used in NexJ CRM if their functionality is available through a browseraccessible URL.

Portal infrastructure facilitates inter-portlet communication over the context and event buses. This allows multiple portlets to function as a single, cohesive workspace. Portlets can interact with portal events using Scheme and JavaScript APIs provided as a web standards compliant JavaScript library. Multiple portlets can be added to a single workspace to provide a user experience that rivals dedicated desktop applications.

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