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A custom view is used to configure custom defined controls in the presentation metadata. Elements of this control can be used to configure an existing custom control.

The example below shows this being used to define a banner.


<Layout class="ApprovalPlan">
<CustomView head="true" name="ctrlBanner" type="md:Banner">
   <Toolbar name="tbPersonDashboard">
      <Item action="true" caption="IDS_EDIT" event="editApprovalPlan" icon="edit" name="mitEditApprovalPlan"/>
		<Instance name="item" value="(@)">
			<Bind name="title" value="title"/>
			<Bind name="status" value="summaryStringApprovalStatus"/>
			<Bind name="icon" value="template icon"/>
		<Properties vertical="#f"/>
				<VerticalTile caption="item title" description="item status" icon="item icon" round="#f"/>
			<BannerCard header="#t" responsive="#t" size=""l"">
	            <Tile caption="item title" description="item status" icon="item icon" tool=":toolbar"/>


ToolbarToolbar containing menu items. In this case, an edit button.
ModelsInternal model configurations for custom control.  In this case, setting item to an instance of ApprovalPlan and setting the binds to appropriate associations.
ConfigurationCustom controller specific configurations. In this case, the two cards of the banner control.

More details

More information about specific properties for the CustomView Control can be found in the Model Description Language Reference.

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