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New features delivered in 22.03

The following features and enhancements were included as part of 22.03.

NexJ CRM user experience enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience.

Initiating a call from a phone number

When a phone number is displayed in an entity's banner or Communications card in the user interface, you can click on it to initiate a call when using a mobile device or when you have configured a phone application for the Desktop client (AFL-7255).

For more information, see "Contacts, companies, households, and users " and "Managing communication methods" in the end-user documentation.

Rich text support for documents and notes

The following changes have been made to enhance the support for rich text :

  • You can now include rich text formatting in documents, including notes, created on the Document Manager workspace or added to a contact, opportunity, or service request (AFL-6780). Rich text allows your documents to contain formatting such as bold or italic fonts, bulleted or numbered lists, images, or tables. 
  • Notes added to a record using the Notes card are created and displayed in plain text. You can now click the View/Edit button
    for the note to edit it using rich text (AFL-7221).

This feature is enabled using the crm.document.richTextEnabled environment variable.

For more information, see "Adding notes" and "Managing documents" in the end-user documentation.

Campaigns enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the Campaigns functionality:

  • You can now add activity plans as workflow actions to campaigns and campaign templates (AFL-7330).
  • The tasks and meetings that can be added as workflow actions to campaigns and campaign templates now include Service Level Management activities (AFL-7312).

For more information, see "Campaigns" and "Campaign workflow templates and participant statuses" in the end-user documentation.

Reporting enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the ad hoc reporting user interface:

  • The Cancel button has been added to all dialogs in the Details and Summary tabs in the Report Builder (CDM-4538).
  • You can search for a field in the Add Calculation Field dialog (CDM-4636).
  • The scheduling functionality for reports has been moved from the About tab to a new Schedule tab (CDM-4537).
  • Additional validation logic has been added to ensure saving a report does not result in an error. Before you can save a report, you must add at least one field to the report, and you must specify values for all selected filters (CDM-4621).

For more information, see "Ad hoc reports" in the end-user documentation.

Aggregation enhancements

After you have added a number, date, or timestamp field to a report in the Report Builder in the Details tab, you can select the field and add it as a calculation by selecting the Add Field as Calculation menu option, and selecting a field and operator in the Add Calculation dialog (CDM-4539).

In the Summary tab, you can select collection fields for calculations (CDM-4614). For example, you can select the Related Activities > Start Time collection field as a calculation.

For more information, see "Ad hoc reports" in the end-user documentation.

Scheduling enhancements

You can schedule dashboards to run once, at a future date and time, or periodically, and share dashboards using email (CDM-4540).

It is now possible to specify an end time for a report or dashboard schedule configuration (CDM-4536).

For more information, see "Ad hoc reports" in the end-user documentation.

Restricting the visibility of subject areas using privilege names

Ad hoc reports development

Configuring the maximum PDF file size for email attachments

You can change the maximum file size allowed for PDF file attachments that are shared by email for reports and dashboards in NexJ System Admin Console (CDM-4651).

Configuring ad hoc reporting settings

Application development enhancements

This release includes enhancements to application development functionality.

NexJ Studio upgrade

As of 22.03, NexJ Studio has been upgraded to use Eclipse 2021-09, and requires JDK 11 as a prerequisite for installing it (ECRM-31030).

For more information, see Setting up NexJ Studio.

Enabling users to display more records in data tables

You can enable users to display 20 or more items in all data tables using the Items per page drop-down in the user interface by configuring the global pageSizeMultiplier attribute in your environment file (AFL-5058). Example environment settings for NexJ CRM deployment You can also use the optional table view multiplier property to enable users to display 20 or more items in a specific table. For more information, see Table.

Hiding the Apache Tomcat server version on HTTP error pages and hiding Tomcat error reports

You can hide the Apache Tomcat server version number on HTTP error pages using the hideErrorValveServerInfo attribute in your environment file. You can also hide the presentation of the Apache Tomcat server error report when an error occurs using the hideErrorValveReport attribute (ECRM-31281).

Example environment settings for NexJ CRM deployment

Adding tooltips to icons

When adding an icon to a table column, a list item, or a label, you can now specify a tooltip (AFL-4434).

For more information, see Adding and updating icons.

NexJ Admin Console enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to NexJ Admin Console.

Deactivating critical system users

As of 22.03, administrators cannot deactivate critical system users in NexJ Admin Console that are responsible for background processes (ECRM-31185).

For more information, see Configuring users.

Inform enhancements

Support for curated feeds and ability to manage news feeds

Both curated and non-curated feeds are now supported and can be used to generate relevant article lists (INFORM-3). Curated feeds allow users to select client interests from a globally defined list of available interests. Non-curated feeds allow users to define any word or short phrase as an interest that can be added to a client's profile.  Depending on which feed is used, Inform appearance and behavior may vary slightly. For more information, see "Inform" in end-user documentation.

Administrators can use the new Feeds workspace

to select which news feed should be used in your deployment and to specify feed details (INFORM-45). For more information about using the Feeds workspace, see "Managing Inform Feeds" in administrator documentation.

Profile details

In addition to articles related to client interests, you can also view articles related to the client's contact name and company name (INFORM-160, INFORM-108). The user must be assigned the inform:ProfileDetailView privilege to enable this feature. For more information, see "Inform" in end-user documentation.

Support for companies

The Inform tab is now displayed on the profile view for both contacts and companies (INFORM-161). For more information, see "Inform" in end-user documentation.

Simplified privileges

Privileges for the Inform product in the NexJ-AI Suite have been revised to simplify enabling this feature for different users (INFORM-191). For more information about the new inform:gInformUser and inform:gInformAdmin privilege groups, see NexJ CRM privileges.

Security enhancements

This release includes the following security enhancements (ECRM-31165 and AFL-7107):

  • The date.olson.db.js module has been upgraded to tzdata 2021e (released by IANA on October 22, 2021).

  • The CKEditor application has been upgraded to 4.17.1 (released by CKSource sp. z o.o. sp.k. on November 17, 2021).

  • The googlei18n/libphonenumber library has been upgraded to 8.12.40 (released by Google on December 23, 2021).

  • The activemq-core library has been upgraded to 5.15.15 (released by Apache on April 28, 2021).
  • The kafka-clients library has been upgraded to 3.0.0 (released by Apache on September 21, 2021).
  • The Kafka-avro-serializer has been updated to 6.2.1 (released by on September 23, 2021).
  • The Jackson library has been upgraded to 2.10.5 (released by FasterXML on July 20, 2020).
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