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New features delivered in 9.6.2

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

Creating campaigns

A campaign represents a set of common activities that are used as a marketing initiative to help firms plan, manage, and track efforts to acquire new clients or retain existing clients.

Campaigns enable you to retain existing customers and acquire new clients:

  • Target your marketing efforts and then personalize marketing communications for each customer.
  • Make proactive product and service recommendations based on analyzing your book of record.
  • Use the added efficiency to increase the number of opportunities closed.

You can use the new Campaigns workspace to create and update campaigns, select campaign participants, and keep track of documents and opportunities related to the campaign.

For more information, see the "Campaigns" topic in the end user documentation.

Creating activity plan templates and activity plans

An activity plan is a predefined sequence of activities that can be created for an entity, rather than creating the activities individually. This allows for efficient processes that have a standard set of required steps. At the same time, each activity that is created through an activity plan is particular to that specific entity.

You can now create activity plan templates in the Customize workspace. Each template has steps, which could be tasks, meetings, or documents. After a template is created, you can add an activity plan based on the template to an individual entity on the Contacts workspace. This creates the activities for the entity and assigns them appropriately to team members.

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