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New features delivered in 9.7.0

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

NexJ CRM user experience enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience.

Reordering user schedules list

You can change the order of the schedules that display for other users on the Schedule workspace.

For more information, see "Schedule items" in the end-user documentation.

Selecting search criteria for filter chips enhanced

After you have selected filter fields to display as new filter chips, the filter dialog where you define search criteria launches immediately to reduce user actions.

For more information, see "Searching and filtering in NexJ CRM" in the end-user documentation.

Entity management enhancement

This release includes an enhancement to the entity management functionality.

Importing contacts

Business administrators can import contact records into a staging area in  NexJ CRM. When they are importing contacts, they must create an import package containing one or more CSV files, as well as information mapping the data in the file to the correct fields in NexJ CRM. Business administrators and end users can then review and correct the information, check to see if it matches any existing contacts, and complete the import.

For more information, see "Preparing contact import data and importing contacts" in the application administration documentation and "Imported contact data" in the end-user documentation.

NexJ System Admin Console enhancements

This release includes the following enhancement to NexJ System Admin Console.

Run-time logging

The ability to set cluster-wide logging levels at run time has been added to NexJ System Admin Console for NexJ Server. This convenience feature simplifies the troubleshooting process and is geared towards accelerating issue resolution time.

For more information, see Run-time logging in NexJ System Admin Console.

Application development enhancements

This release includes enhancements to application development functionality.

Configuring the maximum display width for filter chips

Developers can configure the maximum display width for the content of filter chips (the operator and value) using a theme property.

For more information, see UI themes and CSS.

Improvement to the out-of-the-box Attachment model

A new calculated attribute, "path", has been added to the Attachment metaclass to facilitate tasks related to exporting CRM attachments. This automatically calculated attribute helps determine the physical location of CRM attachments saved to a file system. The attribute is primarily intended for use by NexJ Data Bridge or other data migration processes. The attribute becomes available for use when the file persistence adapter is enabled.

Technology enhancements

The following enhancements have been made for application development.

Support for CORS

You can enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers to be set on an application server response to allow requests from other origins, and from which a browser should permit loading of resources. For more information, see Upgrading to NexJ CRM version 24.02.

Support for Oracle Database 19c

NexJ CRM now supports Oracle Database 19c.

For more information, see Requirements and support information and Upgrading to NexJ CRM version 24.02.

Support for IBM WebSphere Application Server

NexJ CRM now supports WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5 Fix Pack 18.

For more information, see Requirements and support information.

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