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New features delivered in 9.8.1

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

Service Level Management

NexJ Service Level Management feature allows firms to administer a prescribed customer engagement model, and design programs that address the unique service needs of each client segment. 

Users can track the level of support that they provide to their clients, based on the service model which defines how often client interactions of different types should occur. Service models are assigned based on the contact's tier, but can be customized for each client. 

This feature can be accessed in the following locations in NexJ CRM:

  • The Service Level Management workspace 
     displays a list of all touches that belong to your contacts.
  • The Contacts workspace 
    data table view allows you to search for contacts based on their service level and update the service level for multiple contacts at once.
  • The Contacts workspace
    profile view allows you to view and manage the service model for the selected contact, on the Service Model card in the Summary tab.

Administrators can define service levels, touch types, and intervals, and associate service levels with client tiers using the Admin Console, on the Service Level Management page.

Additional reporting functionality is also provided with this feature and is described below.

For more information, see "Service level management" in the end-user documentation and Configuring Service Level Management settings.

Reporting enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the reporting functionality.

Ad hoc service level management reports

Support for the Service Level Management subject areas has been added to the Reporting workspace. Users can now generate ad hoc reports based on the following new subject areas:

  • Contact Touches (any touches that have occurred or are expected to occur for a contact)
  • Touch Activities (any activities that are associated with a touch type)

For more information, see "Ad hoc reports" in the end-user documentation.

Predefined SLM Touches Report

Users can generate the new predefined SLM Touches Report from either the Contacts workspace or the Service Level Management workspace.

In addition, service model information is included in the predefined Contact Detail Report.

For more information, see "Predefined reports" in the end-user documentation.

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