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The Resources layer enables you to maintain common framework capabilities such as localization, translation, and common code libraries.

NexJ CRM provides the following capabilities for internationalization and localization:

  • Support for English
  • Built to work with Unicode
  • Specific formatting is supported for dates, currency, and numbers
  • Multi-language support is built into the business model for code values
  • Selectable at runtime

For more information, see Internationalization and localization.

Model Description Language elements

The Resources layer contain tabs that can be used to work with the following elements:

  • Strings - Not actually part of the XML language. They are simple string files.
  • Locales - Not actually part of the XML language. Standard string file with a pre-defined set of strings to control currency, date, time, and so on.
  • Libraries - Not actually part of the XML language. Global script files in Scheme (.scm) or JavaScript (.njs).
  • ExternalLibrary - External Libraries reference jar files located in the project's /lib folder.
  • Actions - Custom Actions used to extend the Workflow or Service palette.
  • Scratchpads - Not actually part of the XML language. Script files for development and testing from the /etc/scratchpads folder.
  • Components - Custom component to enhance server behaviors.
  • Web - Not actually part of the XML language. Static web content wrapped up in the model and available at <serverRoot>/ (Note: Content needs to be white listed).

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