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Setting up Model Server

NexJ Model Server supports the following configurations:

  • A standalone server instance
  • A server cluster

To set up a Model Server instance or cluster, you simply create a directory (see SERVER_HOME below) and deploy the servers to that location.

The instructions in this section refer to the following locations and variables:

The location where the NexJ Studio plugin is installed, for example, C:\nexj_studio\12.0\plugins\com.nexjsystems.nexjstudio_<version>.

The root directory of the Model Server instance, for example, D:\nexj\modeld.

In a clustered environment, <SERVER_HOME> refers to the directory where you are installing and configuring the first node for your deployment.

The <SERVER_HOME> directory should be readable and writable only to the deployment administrator, as it contains sensitive information, including the deployed code and authentication information.

The location where the Java JDK is installed.

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