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Static web resources

You can add static html pages, which have an *.html or *.htm extension, to the web directory (<project_name>/meta/web).

Prior to the release of NexJ CRM 9.6.1, NexJ recommended using the *.htm extension for static html pages. As of NexJ CRM 9.6.1, either the *.htm or *.html extension can be used.

After you have started your application server, a static page can be accessed using the following URL:

http[s]://<host>:<port>/<path>/<StaticPage.html> (where StaticPage.html is the name of the file added to the web directory)

If the name of your static page collides with the name of any defined application in metadata then the static page will not be accessible and the application will be shown instead. For example, since "Contact" is an application defined in metadata, if you add a page called Contact.html to the web directory, it will not be accessible.

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