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Using rules to assign roles or activities to users

An assignment model is a method used to assign roles or activities to users automatically in a variety of situations, including campaigns and activity plans.

The Assignment Models page is divided into three main areas:

  • The Assignment Models list on the left, which displays a list of all the active assignment models.
  • The Detail area at the top right, which shows the details of the selected assignment model.
  • The Valid Roles list at the bottom right, which displays the coverage roles that can be used by the selected assignment model.

Adding assignment models

NexJ CRM comes with three assignment models: Opportunity Team, Coverage, and Campaign User. You will not normally need to add new assignment models, but can if required.

To add an assignment model:

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Models page.
  2. Click the Add button 
    The Add Assignment Model dialog opens.
  3. In the Detail area, enter the desired values into the Name and Description fields.
  4. The Rule Set field determines the process that assigns roles to users. These rule sets are configured in the Rules Editor page. NexJ Admin Console comes with three rule sets for assignment models: CampaignParticipantOwnerAssignmentCoverageAssignment, and OpportunityCoverageAssignment. Select one of these or create your own.
  5. In the Assignment Target field, indicate what is going to be assigned:
    • Action Item Assignment assigns an activity to a user.
    • Client Coverage Assignment assigns a user to a client's coverage.
    • Campaign Coverage assigns a user to be the owner of a participant in a campaign.

Deleting assignment models

To delete an existing assignment model:

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Models page.
  2. Click the Action button 
     for the assignment model that you want to delete, and click the Delete button 

Managing valid roles for assignment models

The valid roles of an assignment model determine which roles it can assign to a user.

To change the valid roles of an assignment model:

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Models page.
  2. In the Valid Roles area, click the Select button 
    The Select Role dialog opens.
  3. The list on the left displays all roles and the list on the right displays the list of valid roles for the assignment model. Add or remove roles from this list as desired.
  4. Click OK. The Select Role dialog closes.
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