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New features delivered in

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

Reporting enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements to the ad hoc reporting functionality (CDM-4534, CDM-4535).

It is no longer necessary to edit a report in order to see the selected attributes and filters. As of, you can view which fields and filters have been selected for a report in the About tab in the Report Viewer. 

Additionally, when you add filters for object ID attributes in the Details tab in the Report Builder, you can select from the following operators: equals, not equals, specified, unspecified.

For more information, see "Ad hoc reports" in the end-user documentation.

Security enhancement

This release includes the following security enhancement (ECRM-30956):

  • The Log4j library has been upgraded to 2.17.1 (released by the Apache Software Foundation on December 28, 2021).
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