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Adding coverage roles to a coverage group

You can modify the roles that are available for client, event, and opportunity coverage groups.

To add coverage roles to a coverage group:

  1. Navigate to the Coverage page and select the Coverage Roles tab.
  2. Select the Client Coverage RolesEvent Coverage Roles, or Opportunity Coverage Roles subtab.
  3. Click the Select button 


     To create new roles, you must add values to the ROLEENUM enumeration.

    The Select Role dialog opens.

  4. In the list on the left, select roles to add to the coverage group, then click AddThe roles are moved to the list on the right.
  5. To restrict a role to only one user in a coverage group, select the Unique checkbox beside a role. For example, if you want allow users to be able to assign one manager role and multiple advisor roles to a coverage group, then make the manager role unique.

    When a role is unique, you can only assign one user to that role.

  6. Click OK. The Select Role dialog closes.

You have added coverage roles to a coverage group.

Customizing enumerations

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