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Configuring natural hierarchy rollup types

A natural hierarchy refers to one of the standard hierarchy contexts: Company, Household, LP Owner, and Internal HR. A rolled up value here will roll up the Hierarchy of the chosen hierarchy context all the way to the top. For example, the value for a contact could be rolled up through his or her department, company, and the parent company of the company.

company is an entity that represents a real-world company. If Capital Markets functionality is enabled, a company is a corporate client that issues securities. A department is a sub-division of a company.

Enabling natural hierarchy rollup types

To enable a  natural hierarchy rollup type:

  1. Navigate to the Rollup Maintenance page.
  2. In the Natural Hierarchy Rollup list, click the Add button 
    The Add Natural Hierarchy Rollup dialog opens.
  3. In the Rollup Type field, select which field will be rolled up through the hierarchy.
  4. In the Hierarchy field, select which type of hierarchy context you want to apply this roll up to.

    A rollup type may only be added once, no matter which hierarchy context it is added to.

  5. Click OK. The Add Natural Hierarchy Rollup dialog closes.

Disabling natural hierarchy rollup types

To disable a natural hierarchy rollup type:

  1. Navigate to the Rollup Maintenance page.
  2. Click the Action button 
     for the rollup type you want to disable from the Natural Hierarchy Rollup list, and click the Delete button 
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