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Deploying Inform

Inform enables users to share articles of interest with contacts. It integrates with Grapevine6, a third-party AI engine, which provides the articles to Inform.

Before you can configure Inform, you must have a subscription to Grapevine6.

In NexJ Studio, add the following connections to your environment or connections file:

  • Data source connection - <DataSource name="inform:Inform"/>
  • HTTP connection -  <HTTPConnection channel="inform:ArticleSearch" trust="<certificate>" url="<url_provided_by_Grapevine6>"/>
  • HTTP connection - <HTTPConnection authentication="basic" channel="inform:RelatedObject" password="<password>" trust="<certificate>" url="<>/nexj/channel/rest:REST" user="informUser"/>

The trust attribute is required for both HTTP channel connections.

If you are using the environment file as a template and specifying the attribute values in a properties file, then you can include trust="${}" in the inform:RelatedObject HTTP channel connection. You can then define the variable with the certificate value in the properties file.

You must also enable the REST API v2 functionality in order to use Inform. For more information, see Enabling and configuring REST API v2.

End users of Inform functionality must be assigned the inform:ArticleView, inform:InterestManage, and inform:InterestView privileges through the NexJ Admin Console.

For more information about using Inform, see "Inform" in the end user documentation.

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