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Audit trails

Audit trails allow you to monitor the history of users' interactions with objects in NexJ CRM. An audit trail is an event log that records actions that users perform, such as viewing or modifying a contact. It provides you with an itemized history of each action, including who performed it, when it was performed, and a description of what was done.

You can view audit trails in NexJ CRM and NexJ Admin Console. Each application provides you with a different overview of audit trails:

  • In NexJ CRM, each object has its own audit trail. Audit trails are maintained for most major types of objects in the system, such as contacts and leads. For example, when a user creates a lead, the creation action is recorded in the new lead's audit trail. You can view an object's audit trail in the object's Audit Trail tab.
  • In NexJ Admin Console, a single audit trail is maintained for all audited objects in the system. For example, if a user deletes a contact, then creates a lead, both actions can be viewed in the audit trail in NexJ Admin Console. You can view this audit trail on the Audit Trail page.

The types of actions that are audited depend on the configuration of your system. For more information about configuring audit trails, see Configuring audit trails.

Audit trails are not visible by default in NexJ CRM or NexJ Admin Console. To allow a user to view audit trails, you must grant them the AuditLogView privilege in NexJ Admin Console.

Boolean values in the Audit Trail tab for activities, batch emails, business processes, entities, opportunities, and service requests display as 0 or 1 instead of displaying as a respective value associated with an attribute. 

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