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Configuring categories and category groups

category is a label for entities, such as Avid Golfer for a contact or user. Categories can be used for searching and grouping entities.

category group enables you to group related categories together. A category group defines the following in NexJ CRM:

  • The types of contacts that users can add the category to. For example, you can specify that a category group applies only to the companies contact type.
  • The tab name that displays on a contact's profile on the Contacts workspace. For example, a category in the Private category group displays in the Private Categories tab in NexJ CRM.

A category belongs to only one group.

System administrators, business administrators, and users can use and manage categories in the following ways:

System administrators

In NexJ Admin Console, system administrators can create, modify, and delete categories and category groups.

Business administrators

On the Customize workspace, business administrators can create and delete categories from the system, and modify the name, description, icon, and contact types for a category.


On the Contacts workspace, users can add and remove categories from individual contacts, add categories to the system, and modify the name, description, icon, and contact types for categories.

Best practices for using categories

Consider using categories to:

  • Store simple classifying information about a contact that you will filter and report on

Avoid using categories to:

  • Capture information that may be applicable only to a few clients, such as a birth or anniversary date

Some examples of categories include:

  • High Net Worth
  • Avid Golfer
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