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This section describes known issues that pertain to the NexJ CRM desktop application.

AFL-2522, AFL-2757

If you add a schedule item spanning more than a day with an end time of 12 AM and do not select the All Day checkbox, the item displays as expected in the Date view, from the start date till the day preceding the end date. However, in the Workweek, Week, and Month views, it displays across the end date as well, ignoring the fact that end time is 12 am on that day, which is, effectively, the end of the previous day.  


You cannot press Enter to commit any instances in NexJ CRM; for example, you cannot press Enter to save a new contact.


The start and due dates that you enter for recurring tasks may get altered during the process of saving the task.


When you don't have access to private categories on the Categories card in the Detail tab, the Delete button 

should either be hidden or disabled. Instead, the Delete button shows as enabled with no function.


If a user does not have sufficienteo log in to NexJ CRM, the resulting error message does not accurately convey the issue. The error message reads: Read access to class portal:Portal denied due to missing privilege "portal:PortalView".

Ensure that the user is included in the Manage Contacts privilege group or the Administrators privilege group.


When you open the User Preferences dialog, change the Default Country, and close the dialog, the user preferences attribute values are not refreshed and your change is not displayed in the user interface.

To implement your change, restart the application.


When adding categories, custom fields, or lists to a contact using batch processes, the categories, custom fields, or lists that are already added to the contact are not pre-selected in the dialog. If you add the same values again and click OK, an error message displays, but it does not indicate the reason the change could not be saved.


If you create a custom field setting its edit security to private, the Edit button

for the custom field should be enabled for other users, though they should not be able to make any edits. However, the Edit button is disabled, preventing users from being able to view the custom field details.


Both filters and lists are supported on the Contacts workspace. Only filters are supported on all other workspaces; the labels on the Manage filters and lists menu item and the Filters and lists dialog are inaccurate on other workspaces.


When creating a new opportunity, you must specify a role for all users listed on the Team tab, including the default user. If you receive the "Opportunity Coverage must be specified" error message when creating a new opportunity, go to the Team tab and ensure there is a value in the Role field for each user.


When you create a schedule item with one or more entities in the For field or add an entity to the For field of an existing schedule item, when you save the change, a hyphen gets appended to the schedule item's description. For example, the description "Meeting" changes to "Meeting -". 


If a contact's Activities tab shows activities starting in various time periods, such as Future, Today, Last Week, This Week, and so on, when you scroll down the list of activities and click on an activity, the selection moves upwards instead of remaining on the clicked activity.


If you upload a document with the Edit security set to private, the  Edit button

for the document is erroneously enabled for other users. Any changes made by the other users, however, are not saved.


If a contact's rep code is changed by one user while another user has the contact's profile open, that user may experience some unexpected behaviour when viewing the contact's profile.

Navigate away from the contact's profile.


When you scroll through messages in the Conversations sidebar, the Search conversations with field at the top of the sidebar becomes hidden.


When you are adding a new user to a contact's Coverage card, and you use the type-ahead functionality and start typing characters in the User field, the list of suggested users does not automatically display for selection below the User field as expected. Instead, you must remove the text you have entered in the field for the list to display. Also, the type-ahead functionality does not behave as expected in the Detail tab for an opportunity, when you are adding a new user to the Team card, or when you are entering user group names in the Security tab for a new opportunity.


If you add a user to a contact's Coverage card in the Detail tab and assign it a coverage role (for example, Advisor), add the user again with a different role (for example, Assistant), edit the user with the Assistant role, and attempt to select the original coverage role (for example, Advisor), you will receive duplicate error messages in the Edit dialog.


If you change the status of a recurring task from competed to outstanding and change the number of repeats, the edits do not reflect in the remaining occurrences.


Completed tasks in a series of recurring tasks sometimes show incorrect dates for the repeats.


When using Internet Explorer, the layout of the Files Ready to Download dialog, which you can access by selecting User settings > Files in the navigation toolbar, may require scrolling to view all information. The layout is as expected in other supported browsers.


When you try to print a document created in Microsoft Word 2007 or earlier that has a header with a table containing merged fields, you receive an error.


On Internet Explorer and Chrome, you may not be able to generate the Tasks Report and the My Delegated Tasks Report if you have a large number of reports (for example, over 3000 reports).

Log in to NexJ CRM using Mozilla Firefox to generate the reports.


When you add attachments to a document using the Document Manager workspace, save your changes, and re-open the document again, the order of the attachments has changed from the original order. This also happens when you attach documents to a new task on the Tasks workspace.


You may be able to create a new category or add a category to an entity even if that entity type is not supported for that category group.


If the current date occurs in a leap year (for example, February 29, 2020), you navigate to the Schedule workspace, display the calendar for the current date, click on the date at the top of the main calendar, and select a different year (for example, 2021), the date does not change as expected, which means the calendar does not change.


After navigating from a contact to the associated company profile and then from the company to another associated contact's profile using the Hierarchy tab, when you go to the Contacts data table and click the original contact, the company summary opens instead of the contact summary.

Refresh your browser before clicking the original contact.


If you have granted delegate permissions to your schedule to other users, schedule items assigned to both yourself and your delegates with no reminder set (reminder time set to "none") may show the default reminder time on your delegates' schedule.


When negative values are provided for the Expected Amount and Actual Amount filter chips on the Opportunity workspace, the values are displayed in parenthesis and with a negative sign prefix.


When you generate a PDF that contains a multi-line text field based on a merge token, the multi-line text is printed on a single line and the text is not wrapped as expected.


If you create a new filter on the Opportunity workspace, add the Weighted Revenue filter chip, set the filter definition operator to "between," pick two values, save the filter, and refresh the browser, an unexpected error displays when the workspace is reloaded.


When you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you cannot use the Escape keyboard key to close all dialogs in NexJ CRM. Some dialogs require you to select a control first (for example, radio button or checkbox) so that focus is on an active control before you can use the Escape key.


If you create a household and then attempt to create a contact or company, the Household field in the New Contact or New Company dialogs is prepopulated by default with the household you created.


If you navigate to the Schedule workspace, select the Month view option from the More Actions menu, click on a date's cell and press the Enter key or the Space key to open the New Schedule Item dialog, the All Day checkbox is not selected by default as expected, and it is mandatory.


The space where the right side carousel button

would appear in a data table is sometimes highlighted with a border when the last column is in view.


When you attempt to deselect items in a multiple selection dialog, after having exceeded the selection limit, you are prompted with a selection warning message for the second time.


If you include symbols (such as & or #) in your filter chips, even if they are valid characters to search for, the filter will not show any results.


The More Actions menu button

associated with a tile in a card may not close the menu as expected when clicked and can appear out of alignment.


You are not informed that a nested child dialog is invalid until the parent dialog is closed.


When you navigate to the Schedule workspace, click the date to open the calendar, click the year, select a year, and click the date, the scroll bar unexpectedly displays for the calendar.


When time zones are enabled in NexJ CRM, and you create an all day meeting in a different time zone, the meeting only displays in one day in the existing time zone instead of displaying across two days.


When you reduce the size of your browser window, the navigation sidebar for NexJ CRM exhibits inconsistent behavior.


When you have cleared the existing list of filter cards from a navigator (for example, the Contacts workspace), and you add a new favorite filter, it is not immediately displayed. An error is thrown initially when you attempt to set the newly created filter as a favorite.


When selecting multiple items from a data table, the More Actions button will display the top-level of any multi-level menus it contains, even if no actions are available from that section of the menu.


Only the first 4096 entries of a data table are ever available when viewing data through the user interface. If you attempt to go past these entries, you receive an error.


When opening a task or schedule item from the notification sidebar, it is occasionally possible that multiple clicks will open additional copies of the Edit dialog over top of each other.

If this happens, close the dialogs and reopen the task or schedule item to make your changes.


On slower networks, attempts to deselect the all-day option of a meeting may not persist if you save your changes too quickly after making the change.

After clearing the all-day option, wait 3 to 5 seconds before saving your changes to the meeting.


If you are using the rich text editor in Internet Explorer, you will not receive any warning if you paste text that brings the size of the message over the limit for your system. That is, the pasted text may be truncated without warning. This is normally encountered when pasting text into a message that already contains graphics.

When pasting text into a message containing graphics, be sure to check that all of your content in included.


When creating a new contact, an empty Dear field automatically populates with the contact's first name when you add an Address to the record.


When using Internet Explorer, the mouse scroll wheel does not work in the conversation sidebar.


Running the Contact List report against an empty result set and saving the results as an Excel sheet results in a spreadsheet containing website data from your Companies view instead of a sheet stating that no data exists for the chosen parameters.


Column sorting within a selection dialog is not available when the selection dialog is invoked directly using Scheme code.


If you use the between operator on a date-based filter chip and then, after running your search, switch the chip to use the equals operator, your new search will return the correct results, but the chip will continue to display the previous upper-bound value.

Remove the chip from the filter criteria and re-add it.


When you add a filter on a workspace, and switch locales, the name of the filter erroneously changes back to the default filter name for the selected locale.


If you are using the rich text editor, and you attempt to paste content over selected content, which includes a table, the rich text editor erroneously inserts the content into a table cell instead of replacing all of the selected content or the replacement is aborted by a JavaScript run-time error.


When you paste content into the rich text editor, incoming newline characters may be doubled.


When you attempt to submit an update for a record, and if the field being modified by you was updated by another user, then the field is underlined with the misleading caption "Updated as shown."


When you launch the Export dialog from any table view with export to CSV configured, change the default section from "Visible Columns" to "All Columns," and click Cancel, a warning message displays concerning discarding unsaved information instead of the dialog closing as expected.


Tasks with the same due date on the My Tasks card in the Summary tab on the Home workspace are sorted in a random order instead of being grouped by due date, and then sorted by due date and then start date.

When working with tasks with the same due date, use the Tasks workspace instead of the My Tasks card.


When you are adding an entity to the For field for a new task in the New Task dialog on the Contacts workspace, inactive entities exist in the system, and you set the Client State filter chip to show both active and inactive entities in the Select entities dialog (or set it to show only inactive entities), no inactive entities display or are found through searching.


You can attempt to add categories to a contact in the Detail tab that the contact already has, which throws a unique constraint violated error.


Private schedule items are not easily viewed on the Schedule workspace.


If you deselect all columns in a data table, you will not be allowed to re-select the columns because the Select columns button is removed.

An administrator user can log in to NexJ Admin Console, select the user who is experiencing this issue, and click Clear Client State to reset all user selections to the application defaults.


An issue exists in which setting a user-picker filter to "this user" and then trying to edit the value sometimes causes the UI to become unresponsive until the window is refreshed.


Documents associated with an activity plan step may not appear in the Document Manager Items table if the step is edited after creation.


When you attempt to create an SLM touch scheduled for a year or more in the future, it may be created incorrectly, appearing as unscheduled and uneditable.

Create the SLM touch for a date closer to the present. Then, edit its due date afterward.


The Schedule Touch menus occasionally fail to display the available menu options.

To display the available menu items, refresh the browser window and access the menu again.


When you perform a batch print of a PDF in NexJ CRM, the job completes successfully, and the preview of the PDF appears in the details of the completed job, but an unexpected error message displays in the standard output logs.


If specifying a time zone for dates is enabled in NexJ CRM and you use a time zone to create a recurring meeting that spans the Daylight Saving Time boundary, occurrences crossing the boundary can be offset by up to an hour.


You cannot use a secured PDF as an attachment in a batch email. If you do attach a secured PDF, the batch email will fail to send.


If you are using Chrome 83 to access the Schedule workspace through the Classic user interface, and you open a menu, you can no longer dismiss it by clicking away from the menu items. This issue may also persist in for later versions of Chrome.

To dismiss an open menu without choosing one of the menu items, press the Esc key.


Currency conversion does not work when all exchange rates are not received on the same day.


An issue that meant that you could not delete an individual contact created from a coverage group on the Contacts workspace has been resolved.


System users such as nexjsa, Keycloak:admin, push, and authenticated_user should not display in the user selection dialog.


When a custom field is being created with French characters for a contact, an error message displays asking for a reference name.


Occasionally, and when you initially try to log in to NexJ Cloud CRM, an HTTP status 401 error is displayed.

Refresh the browser to proceed.

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