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Reporting and analytics

This section describes known issues that pertain to ad hoc report and predefined report functionality in NexJ CRM.


Known issues related to reporting functionality that uses the NexJ Reporting Engine are documented in the NexJ Reporting Engine release notes document.

Predefined reporting


There is an issue where 30 minute schedule items set to start midway through an hour show in the Schedule Day Report as spanning a one-hour interval ending at the scheduled end time.

Ad hoc reporting


After you trigger a report to be executed, the Update Report button 

is greyed out and becomes unavailable in the user interface. However, It is currently possible to update an already executing report if you navigate back to the report library and open the report again.


The presence of bireport privileges to the project-level security files is ignored when you validate or publish the model, resulting in an Unknown Privilege error.

Seed the privileges in the model using a SysUpgrade.


If you create a chart that uses two Y-axes, the visualization of the second axis may incorrectly display the data, legend, and captions.

Updating the report repeatedly eventually causes the chart to display as expected. However, later refreshes may cause the issue to reappear.


In a stand-alone reporting configuration, if a user updates a newly created report, they will not receive a notification when the update completes.


If a user has a public report open at the same time that an administrator is making changes to its definition, those changes may not be recognized when the user clicks Update Report.

To see the changes made to the report, the user must refresh their page.


Sample data for reports and dashboards is seeded erroneously for disabled subject areas.


Previously, when you tried building a Service Level Management (SLM) report that included the Touch Type attribute and tried sorting on it, an unexpected error appeared in the UI. NexJ disabled the option to sort on Touch Type temporarily, while the issue is being addressed.

In the meantime, as a workaround, sorting on Touch Type > Current Localization remains possible.

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