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Resetting folder states

During inbound synchronization with the Exchange server, NexJ CRM uses the folder state to determine which items were modified in the Exchange mailbox since the last synchronization. In the event of data corruption, inbound synchronization with Exchange may cease. NexJ CRM has no mechanism to automatically detect folder state corruption. To maintain inbound synchronization, an administrator must manually reset the folder state.

To reset the folder state:

  1. In NexJ Admin Console, navigate to the Synchronization page.
  2. Right-click a calendar or task link and select Reset Folder State for Selection.

The process of synchronization immediately begins running in the background. When the process is completed, the folder state is reset for both the calendar and task folders.
Items created, updated, or deleted in the Exchange mailbox during the period when the folder state was corrupted are not synchronized to NexJ CRM. To synchronize these items, perform a filtered snapshot on the affected folders. See Filtered snapshots.

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