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Viewing summary information for object queues

View summary information for object queues to acquire a high-level understanding of an object queue's performance. The summary area at the top of the Object Queues page provides key performance indicators for an object queue.

Summary information displays for persistent and transient messages. Persistent messages are stored in a database and have guaranteed delivery. Transient messages are not stored in a database. Transient messages are used when performance is important and guaranteed delivery is not required. Only SentReceivedAverage Receive Time (ms), and Average Send Time (ms) summary information displays for transient messages.

The summary area displays the following information:


The number of messages sent.


The number of messages that have been prepared for delivery to requesting worker nodes. A message may be counted more than once if it has been recovered or resubmitted.


The number of messages received.


The number of errors reported.

Complete Failure

The number of persistent messages that have failed and will not be sent again. A message will be sent again if it has failed less than the errorCount value defined for the queue or if has been recovered.


The number of messages cancelled.


The number of incomplete persistent messages. Messages can be pending because they have not been sent to a queue, are waiting for the dispatcher to be transitioned (made deliverable or completed), or are processing.

Average Successful Receive Time (ms)

The average processing time of a received message that has succeeded.

Average Failed Receive Time (ms)

The average processing time of a received message that has failed.

Average Send Time (ms)

The average amount of time in milliseconds to send a message.

Object queue statistics begin collecting when the application server node starts. If the node reboots, the statistics are reset.

To view summary information for an object queue:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Object Queues page.
  2. Select an object queue from the Object Queues list.
  3. [Optional] Click the Refresh button 
     to update the summary information to include activity that occurred since you opened the page.

The selected object queue's key performance indicators display in the summary area.

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