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Configuring business process templates

Business process templates are a collection of forms and workflow that allows you to automate your organization's business processes such as KYC, client onboarding, or approvals.

A business process is a predefined form and a series of approval steps that a NexJ CRM user can use to record and update information about their contacts, companies, opportunities, and service requests.

You create business process templates in the Business Processes tab in the Customize workspace.

Configuring a business process template for a KYC update

For example, to configure a business process template for a Know Your Client (KYC) update, an administrator:

  1. Adds a new business process template, specifies that is will be used for a KYC update, and that it will run automatically.
  2. Adds a form to the template that contains pages of questions. When the questions are answered by users, the fields for the contacts that relate to the KYC will be updated.
  3. Adds a step to the template and specifies that the relationship manager will need to approve the updates to the contact information when the form is submitted by the users.
  4. Activates the template so the users can run the business process.

Users can then add the business process to a contact, complete the questions in the form, and submit the form for approval.

Configuring a business process template for opportunity approvals

For an example of how to configure approval for a high-value product opportunity, see Configuring opportunity approvals in business processes.