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Adding forms to business process templates

Add a form to a business process template to specify the questions and answer fields that a user can fill out when they run the business process.

Forms consist of pages that contain questions and their corresponding answer fields. When a user runs a business process, they fill out the form by entering answers to the questions. Each form also has a flow, which specifies how a user is directed from page to page as they answer the questions in the form.

You can add only one form to each business process template.

To add a form to a business process template:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes tab, select the template that you want to add a form to.
  3. In the Form subtab, click Add Form.
    The form is added and its Pages and Flow tabs display.

An empty form is added to the business process template.

You have created the form. Complete the following procedures:

  1. Add pages to your form and configure them. See Configuring pages.
  2. Configure flows for your form. See Configuring form flows.
  3. You can configure flow templates. See Configuring flow templates.

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