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Configuring opportunities

You can configure opportunity coverage groups, opportunity templates, and specify products for opportunities.

An opportunity represents a potential sale of one or more products to a client.

When you configure opportunities, you can configure the following for users:

Opportunity coverage groups
Manage the opportunity coverage groups that are available for users to apply to individual opportunities. You can add, modify, and delete coverage groups, and add users to a coverage group. You manage coverage groups from the Coverage Groups subtab in the Opportunity Management tab on the Customize workspace. The Coverage Groups subtab displays a list of coverage groups on the left, and details about the selected group on the right, such as the users who are coverage members for the group.

Opportunity templates
Create opportunity templates to define the types of opportunities that users can create. When you create opportunity templates, you add stages to the opportunity. You can also add steps that users must perform to individual stages. You manage opportunity templates from the Templates subtab in the Opportunity Management tab on the Customize workspace. The Templates subtab displays a list of templates on the left, and details about the selected template on the right. Details include the stages for the opportunity and any related activities that have been added to the selected stage.

Opportunity products
Manage the product that are available to users who work with opportunities. You manage product types from the Products tab on the Customize workspace. The Products tab displays a list of products on the left, and details about the selected product on the right.

Best practices for using opportunities

Consider using opportunities to:

  • Track specific products or services that create further upselling opportunities, for example, a new account or an outbound referral

Opportunities should not be used to:

  • Track interests, tasks, or potential inbound referrals