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Mapping many-to-one fields

Several fields in NexJ CRM are actually subcollections of information.

For example, your legacy contact information system might have the following fields:

  • Business Address Line 1
  • Business Address Line 2
  • Business City
  • Business Zip Code
  • Home Address Line 1
  • Home Address Line 2
  • Home City
  • Home Zip Code
  • Vacation Address Line 1
  • Vacation Address Line 2
  • Vacation City
  • Vacation Zip Code

However, in NexJ CRM, there are only fields for Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, and Zip Code. You can create as many addresses as required. Each complete address becomes a subcollection of fields. For each address, you would indicate whether it is a business, home, or vacation address.

Addresses, Telcoms, Categories, Custom Fields, and User Fields are all subcollections. These subcollections have a Copy Row button and a Delete Row button in the Target Field column. Rather than a one-to-one correspondence between a column in a source CSV file and a field in the target definition file, you can create any number of subcollections for each of these fields.

To map a column to a subcollection:

  1. Select a source field (such as BUSINESSPHONE) for the target subcollection. For example, Telcom.
  2. Select a target field name in the Sub Collection Attribute column. For example, Communication Value.
  3. Select the Type Name to indicate which subcollection the field belongs to. For example, Business.
  4. Depending on the Sub Collection Attribute value, specify the Type/Text Converter details.
  5. If you want to add another field to the subcollection or if you want to add another subcollection, click the Copy Row button.