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New features delivered in 3.6.0

The following features and enhancements were included as part of 3.6.0.

Event streaming to an HTTP URL

Previously, Data Bridge was capable of publishing near-real time NexJ CRM data updates (event streaming) into a Kafka topic. As of Data Bridge 3.6.0, you can also publish streaming updates to an HTTP URL, in a webhook manner (DATABRIDGE-1008). This new functionality enables architectural patterns, including providing event streaming services to systems deployed in the Cloud. It will also be valuable to enterprise clients that are not set up to run Apache Kafka.

For more information, see Using Data Bridge and Creating custom headers for HTTP targets.

Enhanced diagnostic output for when the NexJ CRM Adapter is disabled

When the NexJ CRM Adapter is disabled, and you publish a snapshot for a view in Data Bridge, the snapshot will complete with errors, and the specific error will display in the Snapshot subtab in the History tab for the view for further investigation (DATABRIDGE-886).

For more information, see Setting up Data Bridge.

Snapshot publishing enhancements

Significant performance and usability improvements were made to publishing of snapshots to either Delimited or JSON files. Data Bridge 3.6.0 enables the use of more efficient, multi-threaded processing while maintaining the ability to write to a single file or multiple files, depending on the configuration (DATABRIDGE-923). The new Maximum File Size setting found under Global Settings > Export Configuration governs the file roll-over behavior.

For more information, see Using Data Bridge.

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