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Generate NexJDoc Tool

Use the Generate NexJDoc tool to generate documentation for specific areas of your NexJ solution. This documentation is generated directly from the NexJ model and inline documentation. Before generating NexJ model documentation, ensure that you have specified the Apache FOP executable, build output folder, and global environment folder in your NexJ Studio preferences.


The Apache FOP executable is required to generate PDF output.

To generate NexJ model documentation:

  1. In NexJ Studio, select Run > Run Tool > Generate NexJDoc.
    The Generate NexJDoc dialog opens.
  2. In the Action section, select the type of documentation that you would like to generate.
    You can choose from the following:
    • Scheme Libraries
    • Class Model
    • Security Model
    • Data Source
  3. In the Model section, specify a model on which to base the documentation.

    Generates documentation for the current working model.
    Base Model
    Generates documentation for a specified base model.
    Published Model JAR
    Generates documentation for a specified published model JAR file.

  4. In the Options section, specify additional output options for the documentation.
    1. In the Output Format section, specify a format for the generated documentation:
      • Select PDF to output the documentation as a PDF file.
      • Select Eclipse Help to output the documentation in HTML format as an Eclipse help plugin.
    2. In the Output Directory field, specify a location to output the documentation.
    3. [Optional] If you selected Scheme Libraries in the Action section, you can select OSS Scheme libraries only to specify that documentation is generated for only open source Scheme libraries.
    4. [Optional] If you selected Class Model in the Action section, you can select Generate metrics file to generate an additional XML file that contains only the class model inline help strings.
      If you selected Data Source in the Action section, in the Data Source field, specify the model data source to generate documentation for.


      You can generate documentation for only a single model data source at a time.

      You must specify a data source to generate NexJ model data source documentation.

    5. [Optional] Select Keep intermediate files to keep the log files and temporary files that are created when the documentation generates.
      Log files and temporary files are output to the location specified in the Output Directory field.
  5. Click OK.
    The Generate NexJDoc dialog closes.

The documentation generates and outputs to the specified output directory.

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