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Minimal Scheme Console tool

The Minimal Scheme Console tool is a different access point to the Minimal Console, which lets you interact with a running server for testing or to perform maintenance tasks in real time.

The Minimal Console accessed from the Run Scheme Console menu
 runs the current model with the currently selected server and connection information. By contrast, 
the Minimal Scheme Console accessed from the Run Tool menu 
allows you to specify the model and environment settings that should be used.

To open the Minimal Scheme Console tool, click the arrow beside the Run Tool button 

 in the Studio toolbar and select Minimal Scheme Console or select Run Tool > Minimal Scheme Console from the Run menu.

Define the model and environment you want to run the console against. The current model is selected by default. You can also choose a base model in your Model Library or a previously published model in your file system. You can then select any available environment or server and connections files.

If you are running the console against the current model, then you can select from among the environment, server, and connection files within the model. If you are running the tool against a base or published model, then your choice is limited to only those server and connection files contained in your global environment folder.

After defining the model and environment information, and any optional VM arguments, click Run. The Console tab will display log information and the prompt for entering commands. Both Scheme and JavaScript are supported.

For more information about the Minimal Console accessed from the Run Scheme Console menu, see Working with the console.

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