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Modifying custom fields in the system

You can change a custom field's name and description, change properties such as whether the field is unique, and change the custom field group that it belongs to.

The changes that you make to a custom field are also reflected in other contacts associated with this custom field. For example, changing a custom field's name also changes the name in all contacts to which the custom field is applied in NexJ CRM.

You can also filter the list by custom field group and status by selecting a value from the All and Any Active Status fields at the top of the list.

To modify a custom field type:

  1. Navigate to the Entity Codes page.
  2. In the Custom Field Types tab, click the Custom Field Types subtab, and select a custom field type from the custom field types list.
  3. To modify a custom field's properties:
    1. In the Detail area, click the Edit button 
      The Edit Custom Field Type dialog opens.
    2. Make your changes, then click OKThe Edit Custom Field Type dialog closes.
  4. To modify contact types for a custom field:
    1. In the Entity Types area, click the Select button 
      The Select Entity Types dialog opens.
    2. Add or remove contact types from the list on the right, which is the list of contact types in which the custom field is available in NexJ CRM. Click OK.

      A custom field's group defines the contact types that are available for you to add to the custom field. The Select Entity Types dialog only contains the contact types that belong to the corresponding custom field group.

      The Select Entity Types dialog closes.

The custom field is modified.

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