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Creating ad hoc views

Create the ad hoc views that you use to create ad hoc reports. Managers create ad hoc views to filter and lay out information from domains and topics.

To create an ad hoc view, you select a domain or topic as the source of information for the view. Domains are collections of tables containing fields from a data source. To create a view from a domain, you select fields from tables to include in the view, then apply filters. Topics are domains in which fields and filters are already configured.

The following table lists the available domains and includes examples of information that you can include in reports.

Domain NameReports can include
Activities DomainActivities assigned to specific users, the total number of activities logged by users in the current user's team, or the total number of call records logged
Business Processes DomainAll outstanding business processes submitted in the last two weeks
Campaign Participants DomainDetails about participants in upcoming campaigns that start in the next two weeks, campaigns that a specific contact is part of, or all contact responses for a specific campaign
Campaigns DomainReturn on investment for a campaign or the total number of campaigns that are planned in a given period
Categories DomainAll publicly available categories in the system
Companies DomainNumber of companies by tier
Contacts DomainPreferred addresses or preferred communication methods for contacts in the current user's book of record
Coverage Teams DomainContact coverage teams that the current user is a member of
Households DomainTotal assets for households covered by the current user
Inbound Calls DomainTotal number of inbound calls in a weekly or monthly time frame
Opportunities DomainTotal amount of revenue generated from won opportunities in the last quarter, or opportunities in the current user's pipeline by stage
Opportunity Coverage Teams DomainOpportunity coverage teams that the current user is a member of
RoadshowsEvents that are currently running
Service Models DomainTouches and corresponding intervals for the different service models configured for your organization
SLM DomainA list of service levels and details on the corresponding touches configured for your organization
User Fields DomainA list of the current user's contacts that share a common interest, such as golf
Users DomainTasks or meetings involving a specific user in the last month

You then specify a chart, crosstab, or table layout for the view. The layout determines how reports generated from the view display information. You choose which fields from the domain or topic to include in the view and organize the fields in columns, rows, and groups. You can then specify formatting details for reports generated from the view, such as chart type, labels, and sort order.

You then save the ad hoc view to make it available for creating reports.

To begin creating an ad hoc view, in the Manage tab on the Ad Hoc Reports workspace, from the Create menu, select Ad Hoc View.