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Importing contact packages

Once you have obtained an import package containing the CSV files and mapping files, import it to the staging server.

To import the contact package:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts workspace and click the Options button in the contacts panel.
  2. Select Import Contacts > Import Data.
    The Import Data dialog opens.
  3. In the Import Package field, click the Add Attachment button.
    A browse field and button display in the dialog.
  4. Click the Browse button, find the import package on your system and click Open.
  5. In the 'On Behalf Of' User field, select the user for whom you are importing the contacts. By default, the package will be imported for you. Depending on your security settings, this value might limit which existing contacts are used for matching with imported contacts. Only existing contacts to which the user has access will be used for matching.
  6. In the Description field, add a brief, easily recognizable description of your import job.  
    This description will be used to identify the import job at all future stages. After the import and merge process is complete, this description is also used to create a list of all contacts modified or created by the import.
  7. Click OK  and wait for the import job to complete. When the job completes, a notification alarm dialog appears. It reads either of the following:
    • Import of Package "<Description>" Completed Successfully
    • Error during Contact Import of Package "<Description>"
    where Description is the description you set earlier.
  8. If the import fails, click the View button on the notification dialog to review the error log. Only the first 500 errors are included in the log. Correct these errors and import the package again.

To view all completed and running import jobs, click the Options button and select Import Contacts > View Imports. The Import Processes dialog displays a list of all import jobs. Once an import job has completed, its status changes from Running to Completed or Failed. To see the error log for a failed job, select the job in the processes list and click View Error Report.

You can filter the list of import jobs in the Import Processes dialog by description, stage, status, or start date. Click Showing all Import Processes to display the filter fields at the top of the dialog.