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Configuring business process forms

NexJ forms for business process workflows simplify complex workflows, ensure form completeness, prevent duplicate data entry, and ensure efficient execution of business processes.

You can configure structured forms. Add conditions to dynamically control behavior such as field requirement and visibility. Simple field types like textboxes, numbers, date/time, checkboxes, and lists are supported as well as advanced types like object reference, repeaters, and pickers. Forms are stored as libraries in the Resources layer of the business model in NexJ Studio.

form is a series of questions for users to complete, for example, a KYC form.

NexJ Systems recommends that you develop CPM forms. For more information, see Developing CPM forms.

Business process templates
You can create forms that users fill out when they run a business process. You create forms in business process templates.

Call script templates
You can create forms that users follow when they receive an inbound call from a contact or when they call a lead. You create forms in call script templates for inbound calls and call script templates for leads.

A call script is a list of questions and topics that are presented to users when they receive inbound calls from contacts or when they call leads. It's used to guide the conversation with the contact or lead.