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This section describes known issues that pertain to the NexJ CRM mobile application.


When accessing NexJ CRM on a tablet in Apple Safari, after bookmarking the application from the home screen, you must login each time you access the application. This is a known limitation with iOS.


When logging into NexJ CRM on a tablet under a user that has no privileges, you will be shown an error page that does not allow you to clear the credentials until you restart your tablet.

To clear the credentials without rebooting your tablet:

  1. Exit the browser and return to the Home screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Applications > All.
  3. Scroll through the list and select the native browser.
  4. Touch Clear Data.

The credentials are cleared.


If you edit an occurrence of a recurring activity using your phone and specify that you want to make changes to the entire series, the updates will only affect the selected occurrence and all following occurrences, as if you had selected This and All Following.


When you add a new contact using a smartphone, the new contact record does not always open automatically.


In the About This Product dialog, the "Email This Information" hyperlink does not work when using the Android browser.


When using an Android device, users cannot add attachments to activities.

Users are still able to add attachments to activities using the desktop application.


Running a contact search on a tablet device may return inactive contacts.


When you add a note containing an emoji to a contact on a smartphone, an unexpected error may occur either when you save the note or open the note after saving it. Once the error occurs, the same error may also display when you try to open the contact from the contacts list.


On mobile platforms, if you attempt to edit a deleted item, an insufficient privileges error message displays instead of a message that indicates that the item no longer exists.


On a mobile device, clearing the All Day checkbox on a previously saved All Day Schedule Item in a contact’s Journal triggers an unexpected error.

To continue editing the Schedule Item:

  1. Touch Cancel.
  2. Set the Start and End times for the Schedule Item.
  3. Touch Save.