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Adding service levels

Service levels group one or more touch types for users based on the servicing level of a contact.

For example, a Gold service level specifies quarterly reviews and monthly proactive touches. When a user applies the Gold service level to a contact, the contact's service model includes the quarterly review and monthly proactive touches.
To add a service level:

  1. Navigate to the Service Level Management page.
  2. Click the Service Levels tab.
  3. Above the service levels list, click the Add button The Add Service Level dialog opens.
  4. In the Detail tab, define a display name for the service level in NexJ CRM.
  5. In the Service Model area, define the touch types that you want to add to the service level.
    1. Click the Select button The Service Model dialog opens.
    2. Use Add to move a touch type from the left column to the right column.
    3. In the Interval column, double-click and select an interval from the list.
    4. Add additional touch types as necessary.
    5. Click OKThe Service Model dialog closes.
  6. Click OKThe Add Service Level dialog closes.

You have added a service level.

By default, each touch type is assigned a first touch offset period. You can modify the offset period in the Service Model area.

Configuring the default offset for an initial touch target date