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Configuring the default offset for an initial touch target date

The first touch offset defines the date that the first touch is due for a client. You can set the default offset of the initial touch target date for any touch type.

By default, the first touch offset is based on the interval that you define for a touch type. For example, if you create a touch type with a Monthly interval, then the first touch offset is 1 month. In NexJ CRM, offsets are calculated from the day that a user applies a service level to a contact.

To configure the default offset for a touch type:

  1. Navigate to the Service Level Management page.
  2. Click the Service Levels tab.
  3. Select the service level for which you want to modify the touch type offsets.
  4. In the right side of the page, in the Service Model section, click the Select button The Service Model dialog opens.
  5. In the right side of the dialog, double-click in the First Touch Offset field for the touch type you want to modify and select the desired offset. You can specify that the touch type will have no offset by selecting Immediately.
  6. Click OKThe Service Model dialog closes.

The new offset is saved.

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